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Oaknet’s HairCare serum is a unique blend of ingredients specially designed to manage hair problems, targeted towards controlling hair fall and promoting healthy and stronger hair.

Oaknet’s HairCare serum works by increasing scalp microcirculation, reducing scalp inflammation and activating hair folicles.

Oaknet’s HairCare serum is an alcohol free formulation with penetration enhancer.



In management of Alopecia (hair loss).

Key Ingredients

Cressatine 2.5% w/v + Procapil 3% w/v + Liposomal Caffeine 5% w/v.

Direction of use

  • Oaknets HairCare serum is to be applied twice daily (1 ml twice), after bath and before bed time for minimum 4-6 months to see the visible result or as recommended by doctor.
  • Fix the pump onto the bottle and spray 5 to 6 times over the affected part of scalp evenly and firmly.