At Eris Oaknet, we are committed towards knowledge enhancement of doctors. Our aim is to provide products with novel concepts and strong scientific backup. In the era of digitalization we are engaging our doctors through various digital platforms. We have conducted Webinars with the help of International Doctors which are associated with renowned Medical Universities & Organizations.

Continuing Medical Education is an integral part of medical communication targeted to help clinicians improve medical outcomes in patients. Due to restrictions that followed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, seminars witnessed a shift in their formats, with healthcare professionals adopting webinars as the new platform in the post-pandemic era.

In order to find an innovative solution to maintain high engagement levels in Continuing Medical Education (CME), Erisoaknet healthcare supports Derma Roadinar which is an innovative way of delivering CMEs which retains its essence and at the same time opens avenues for disruption in the approach towards CMEs in future an educational travelogue featuring 15 well-known doctors from across the country spread across 5 episodes.
The Derma Roadinar is in line with Erisoaknet’s commitment to support innovative thinking and deliver future-forward, critical information to the medical fraternity.

Derma Roadinar includes list of 15 prominent doctors who will be a part of this episodes such as Dr. Kiran Godse, Dr. Manish Shah, Dr. Pravin Banodkar, Dr. Anil Ganjoo, Dr. Rishi Parashar, Dr. Dr Mukesh Girdhar, Dr. S C Rajendran, Dr. Mailer Ravindran Chakravarthy, Dr Jaykar Thomas, Dr Samipa Mukherjee, Dr. Siddhartha Das, Dr. Nilendu Sarma, Dr. Prerna Raj Gupta, Dr. D Dinesh Kumar and Dr. Padam Kumar M.
The Derma Roadinar features doctors from across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. They will be seen discussing on Challenges in Atopic dermatitis , current treatment and role of novel PDE4 Inhibitor (crisaborole)

All the videos of Derma Roadinar will be available on YouTube.