Eris Oaknet Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Eris Lifesciences Ltd. has a significant presence in Medical Dermatology, Cosmetology & Women’s Health. The company has 100% coverage and 60% penetration of Dermatologists in IPM. Eris Oaknet derives 43% of its total Rx in Derma Therapy from Dermatologists compared to the market at 38% which signifies its stronger speciality presence compared to the competition. This is also reflected in Eris Oaknet Rx rank at #8 among Dermatologists. Our Dermatology business is ranked among the TOP 10 Dermatology companies in its covered market with 4 of our Derma brands being ranked amongst Top-5 in their respective segments.

Eris Oaknet’s Women’s Health with a market growth of 24% is poised for a high growth phase with opportunities to cross-sell the parent company’s portfolio of Speciality Gynaecology Products with good legacy & brand recall.

Our parent company, M/S Eris Lifesciences Ltd. has a significant presence in 87% of Rs. 55,000 crores Chronic Market post-acquisition of Oaknet business. This aligns with the parent company’s strategic focus as well as with Eris Oaknet’s vision of a Sustainable, Scalable, Speciality focused pharmaceutical company.

The combined entity is currently ranked at #21 in IPM and Eris is the youngest among India’s Top-25 domestic branded formulation pharma companies with the business catapulting to the enviable position in just under 15 years.

The legacy Dermatology business was one amongst the first few speciality dermatology businesses in IPM; similarly, some of the legacy brands in Women’s Health have good resonance & brand recall among the medical fraternity.

Eris Oaknet’s leadership team shall draw upon the expertise of the highly successful parent company and its visionary leadership shall be the driving force in scaling up the business to be one of the top players in Dermatology & Gynaecology. Our business ethos shall align with that of the parent company and shall be based on two pillars – harnessing the power of cutting-edge science to bring evidence-based therapies to the market & enabling patients through patient care initiatives.

The company shall continue to build on its excellent systems, processes, technology, financial health, new products pipeline in Medical Dermatology, Cosmetology, speciality Gynaecology and benchmark as well as draw upon the efficiencies of the parent company while relentlessly pursuing its vision of being among the Top-5 Dermatology companies in IPM.