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Cosglo Gel is a skin lightening cream, targated towards reducing dark patches present on the face.

Cosglo Gel has seven active ingredients with proven clinical record for skin lightening.

Cosglo Gel ingredients inhibit melanin synthesis which is responsible for dark patches & protect skin against damage caused by UV radiations.

Cosglo Gel comes with unique nozzle to enable the patients to effectively apply it directly over dark patches.



In management of Melasma and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Key Ingredients

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate + Pine Bark Extract + Arbutin + Allantoin + Vitamin E Acetate + Niacinamide + Octinoxate.

Direction of use

  • Cosglo Gel is for External use only.
  • Before application of Cosglo Gel, cleanse face with a suitable facewash to exfoliate the dead skin.
  • Cosglo Gel is recommended for twice daily application (once during daytime and once during night) or as directed by doctor.
  • After application of Cosglo Gel, apply a sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Spending time in sun may increase the severity of melasma.